Our Services include:

Reiki Therapy:            $ 70
-In hospital or home           $100
Reiki and Guided Imagery    $100
Guided Imagery              $ 40
Distance Healing                  $ 25
Past Life Regression             $ 95
Animal Reiki            $ 60     
Private Meditation Instruction     $ 120
(3 sessions)

Please contact us for information on Reiki packages for surgery.  We will work with you and your surgical team to create the optimal environment for healing and recovery.

New offerings: 
Please see our Ceremonies page for a complete description of:
House Blessings and Clearings
Baby Blessing Ceremonies
Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies
Memorial Gatherings

Place yourself in the hands of
professional nurses.

In light,

Take the first step toward healing your mind, body and spirit - call us today for more information and to schedule an appointment.


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