Healing Lights

As part of our ongoing mission to bring healing and light to our community, we invite you to add the names of those you feel are in need of prayers, blessings, and healing energies below and click "Add a light".  A short message may be included and please feel free to add your name as well.  Please respect the privacy of those you are adding by including only their first names. We ask that you then take a moment to send loving prayers and light to all those on the list.   This listing will be updated as requests are received.


Please pray for my physical healing. I'm currently in the hospital battling an infection.  Please pray for me to get home to my 2 beautiful girls and my husband.  Please pray for my inner peace as I go through the long healing process, both physical and mental.

Please pray for me. I have run out of money for gas and food.  I send each one of you blessings.

Please pray for me. Due to illness, I have 60.00 left in my account to get through January 2018. I am living in my car. I would like to find a larger vehicle, that I can trade my car for, like a van or a cargo trailer to add to my car.

Please pray for Geneva.

Please pray for me and my family on our upcoming new beginnings and starting over also moving on.Also aunt Dorothy who's going through Chemo.

Please include my friend who was admitted into oncology yesterday. She will be having surgery this week. Thank you.

Please hold Mary, my sister in Florida in all healing prayers.
She suffers from alcohol addiction and is on a downward spiral.

Prayers for Alli's family and friends while they grieve her unexpected death.

Prayers for Dakota.  They had to Life flight him.  He is having seizures.

Please pray that my prayers are answered soon. I feel I don't belong because my pleas for help are ignored. I am in need of financial and spiritual help.

I ask for prayers for myself. I am making changes and ask for the strength to follow through. Thank you

Please include in the prayers as I am feeling burnt out from all that has been going on for so long. Thank you~

My son Clayton and my family prayers to stay healthy and positive and grow together in love and respect.

Please pray for Ms. Ester for healing or whatever is for her highest and best good. Pray for peace for her family.

Please pray for me to be guided in the right direction of life and abundance to have peace with others and myself and that may everything work out

Please pray for my son Chaz. He is currently an opiate addict. His addiction has progressed over the past 10 years. May he find healing and strength inside himself to free himself of his addiction and return to the bright shining soul that he is and always has been.

Please pray for my brother Al. That he will be healed of kidney failure and for strength. In Jesus'name. Amen

I ask with love and gratitude for helping prayers for My nephew. May he find
peace within.

Please pray for me to find my way in starting over and accepting and loving

Please hold me in your prayers as I feel I am loosing myself while everyone
around me is going through a difficult time and leaning on me for strength.
I ask for protection and inner peace~ thank you

Please pray for all those you are suffering from addiction. May they find the
strength to move away from their pain and to seek out help. Thank you~

Prayers for my to get the job she interviewed with and her health! Also my
Dad's health as well God give them strength and lead them the

Prayer for my daughter's many mental health issues and she's been abused &
neglected. She's 6 yrs old and I want her to have peace. Sherry is her

Please pray I can find my calling so I can have peace of mind.

Please pray for my friend's daughter Alycia she just turned 19.  She was in a  car accident. two fractured neck vertebrae. Please pray a speedy recovery. And for her family to have the strength to get through this.  Thank you

Please prayer for me, The doctors found a mass on my
kidney and I have three young children at home one is 5 days old.

Please pray for my husband John who has just been
diagnosed with lung cancer & under going radiation his only option that he will
be healed in mind body & soul. May God Bless everyone & answer all our prayers.

My family needs prayers ~ thank you!

May my friend find inner peace and strength. She is going through a very tough time.

Please add Bob to the prayer list.  He starts dialysis tonight.  Thank you.

Need prayers for Kyle, Peggy, Jim and extended family. 
Get us through this. Pray for peace in our hearts. The strength to move forward
and be happy.

My uncle Luke had cancer in the 80's and each
time he had a blood transfusion it was harder on his kidneys. Years later it
caught up with him and he now needs prayers that he will receive a transplant.
Thank you very much!