Reiki is a gentle yet powerful treatment for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.   Accomplished through a gentle laying on of hands, it naturally balances the flow of life-force energy that is present in each of us. When this life-force is low or blocked, illness and dis-ease becomes likely. Reiki energy flows through the practitioner to the client. Reiki always works for the highest good and flows to where it is needed, healing on all levels- physical, emotional and spiritual.  While Reiki is a spiritually based practice, it works independently of belief system or religious persuasion. It can be used in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities, including traditional Western medicine. We encourage you to maintain your relationship with your current practitioner.

Animals are also benefited by Reiki.  This gentle energy healing can ease chronic or acute pain, assist with anxiety related to change in the environment such as moves or additions to the family and help your animal transition when the time comes.  

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Reiki Healing Options

Reiki healing sessions are always a very individual experience.  Your healing journey may include Reiki in the following ways

*In our space-a calm space in your busy world, our healing area is designed to begin your journey as you come through the door

*At home or health care facility- when you or a loved one are unable to travel to our healing space, we will come to you, at home or in a care facility.  We will work with your caregivers to determine timing and length of sessions.

*Surgical packages- Pre, intra and post-operative sessions will create the optimal energetic environment for healing and recovery.  

*Reiki Guided Past Life Exploration- utilizing the Reiki technique of Gyoshi-ho, together we will explore past life experiences that may hold lessons, contracts or memories relevant to your healing journey in this lifetime.

*Animal Reiki- a gentle way to assist your animal companions through times of illness, injury, anxiety or transition, performed in their familiar environment.

*Distance Reiki- the pure energy of Reiki is not limited by time and space.  Distance healing is the perfect option for those who can not travel to our space or are unavailable for in person sessions.

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Why Reiki for Kids?
Studies show that our children are exhibiting many of the same symptoms of stress that adults in our society are dealing with.  Our children are growing up in a fast paced society where multi-tasking is the norm.  Their lives are filled with scheduled activities, school pressures and very often, family and social issues.  

Connecting children to Reiki at a young age is an extension of the innate ability to heal ourselves and balance our minds, bodies and spirits that we all come into the world with. It offers them an opportunity to evolve with it, to nurture it and to use it as they need or want to. The more conscious they are (and the more conscious we become), the faster our world will be healed. 

How is Reiki taught to children?
We are proud to have been the first in Dutchess County to offer children’s Reiki
 classes, beginning in 2007.  We present Reiki in a simple program in a relaxed, nurturing, supportive and fun environment.  We utilize art and physical activity to help children get in touch with subtle energy and learn simple methods of using Reiki for themselves, their family, and their pets. In this class we honor the belief system and unique perspective of each child and present Reiki in a way he or she can understand. We cover a brief history of Reiki, short meditations and grounding exercises.  An attunement will be offered and performed only with the child's acceptance.  We teach self treatment and
 explain how to change the hand positions to work with their family members as well.  As a bonus, we also show how to use Reiki on our animal companions.

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