Blessed Journeys
bringing Spirit back to Ceremony
Ceremonies to Honor Life Passages

Joyous Joinings
Weddings, handfastings and commitment ceremonies

Baby Blessings
Baby blessing and 
naming ceremonies

Blessing Ways
Honoring and 
celebrating the 
expectant mother

Hearth and Home
Clearing and blessing ceremonies for living spaces

Gentle Goodbyes
Funeral and memorial 
Pet Funerals
Separation and divorce 

Moments and events, like glistening threads, create the tapestry of our lives.  To celebrate and mark these times is to bring the essence of Spirit into our hearts.   

Jody Cleveland is an ordained non-sectarian minister.  She will work with you to create rituals and ceremonies that will celebrate the moments of your life in a deeply meaningful and unique manner.
Joyous Joinings

"Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction."  
                              Antoine de Saint-Exupery

When a couple comes together in love, the Universe rejoices.  Wedding, commitment and handfasting ceremonies celebrate the beginning of a new life, hand in hand.  Your ceremony should be a  joyful celebration of your union and love's presence in your life.  Together we will create a unique and sacred ritual to declare your love, one for another.

Baby Blessing and Naming Ceremonies

Whether by birth, adoption or marriage, bringing a new child into your life is a sacred act.  Acknowledge, welcome, celebrate and give thanks for the wonderful blessing of a new child.  We will create a ceremony to honor and celebrate this rite of passage and welcome your child into your life and spiritual community.

Blessing Ways

Celebrate the sacred journey into motherhood with rituals to honor the connection to and wisdom of the women in your life.  Your Blessing Way 
may include the creation of a set of birth beads, a candle garden, an umbilical cord ceremony, an honoring of ancestors or any combination of these.  

Hearth and Home

It is our intention that makes a house a home.  A ceremony to mark the passage out of an old or into a new dwelling place offer you the opportunity to give thanks for the times spent in your home and the opportunity  to create sacred space in  which to weave the tapestry of your life in your new dwelling.  These rituals may include cleansing and clearing the space, blessing the dwelling and asking for the presence of the spirits you embrace to bless and protect your home and all those who live and enter there.  Ceremonies can also be done for temporary living spaces, dwellings you currently occupy and workplaces.

Gentle Goodbyes

"I'm not going to die, I'm going home like a shooting star."
        Sojourner Truth
The loss of a loved on is always a difficult time. A secular memorial service will provide an opportunity for dealing with grief and beginning the process of healing among family and friends. If you are facing the loss or death of a loved one, please consider utilizing the following books to assist you through this time:

On Death and Dying by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
The Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpache

Pet Funerals

Our animal companions are an integral part of our lives. Their loss is a sad time. Celebrating the love and companionship of these beloved creatures can ease the pain of their passing. Ceremonies may be performed at your home or the place of burial.

Separation and Divorce

The formal ending of a relationship can be a difficult and painful time. Although your time together has come to an end, there is much that was shared. To move on, it is necessary to acknowledge the past relationship. A ritual to formally mark this passage, either singly or as a couple, can assist you to move toward closure with dignity and respect.

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